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i didnt do my homework worksheet

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We would spend some time talking about things that affected their grades and how accepting a zero would have impacted their total grade. They also were able to see that their effort and willingness to try made an impact on their grade also.

Usually after the first couple of months, most of my students did their homework on a regular basis. They did not want to lose their social time with their friends and they knew that they would have to do it anyway. I encouraged them to ask me for help rather than be discouraged. All of the students had my home phone number and was encouraged to call if there were problems. One time I had to explain adding unlike fractions to my student over the phone and his mother was on the other line learning how to do it also!

I felt like we showed the student that we were a team working towards his success. I think by allowing students to get away with not doing the work and giving them a zero is a cop out by the student and the teacher.

By doing this, I am sending the wrong message to the students. I am saying it is okay to take the easy way out rather than to struggle and accomplish something. Posted on the Successful Teaching Blog by loonyhiker successfulteaching at gmail dot com. Posted by Pat Hensley at 6: I totally agree with you. The same happens to me. I always ask my students to hand in their homework, even if it is late.

Of course I lower their mark, but I believe not handing in the homework and getting a low mark is an easy way out. It happened to me once, that one of my students asked me: He stayed there thinking about my answer and at the other class he handed in his homework. Teachers stand at the front of the room at the beginning of the year and tell students that they don't like to deal with late work.

Seventh graders can be quite persistent, and homework incompletion was no exception. I believe he said that this was a school wide policy. Sean said that this was pretty effective in getting the kids to do homework on the night it was assigned. They knew they had to do it anyway, and no one wants to sit after school doing homework. So, his students were pretty good about doing their homework. This year I would like to do something similar, but more organized.

And, I would like to make the students more accountable for completion of their homework. My fabulous director always says that if we are assigning homework, then it should be important enough for every student to complete. After seeing this great idea on Pinterest from Leslie at Jack of all Trades , I made a no homework binder.

But instead of loose half sheets, it will be organized alphabetically in a binder. I want to give the students ownership over completing their homework. And this should be an easy way to have the student keep track of it. There has been much discussion on Twitter about having an electronic GDoc Form that students filled out when they did not do their homework. I am thinking that a hard copy record in a binder is going to work best for me right now. I am still working on this in my mind however because I do love all things electronic.

Here is my proposed sheet. I would love any suggestions! This is a super form, especially the date finished column. I did something similar last year with positive results. It served as a reminder to me to ask the student for the assignment.

If it still was not completed then I phoned the parents that day. Typically, the assignment would be turned in after the parent contact with rarely a repeat of a missing assignment again. However, if I still not get the completed assignment, the slip with all my documentation on the back of the slip went to the VP.

The VP would then deal with the issue in a variety of ways. So each student will have their name on a paper and put in the binder. Are you keeping all of your students in one binder, or going to have different ones depending on the prep?

All of my students will be in one binder. I am not going to make a sheet for every student. Hopefully that will cut down in traffic bc they can all fill out at same time and then only wait to file it in the binder. Many of my students will never need a sheet. I was initially worried about traffic but am less so now that i have added the completion date. I love all your ideas… they are amazing and super helpful.

I was wondering if you still give the students the 50 marks with 2 mark deductions or is the incentive that once they miss two or three assignments, they stay after school to complete it? Thanks again for all the great ideas!!! And, I contact the parents after 3 missing assignments that are not made up. What a great idea!

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Improve Your Grades, Get Help Now!I didnt do my homework printables: If my students do not have their homework they have to find their sheet in my binder and they have to write down the date, what I DIDNT DO MY HOMEWORK BUT I DID THIS by 8TH GRADE NOTEBOOK, released 13 July 1. It was so valuable to see their reason WHY they didn’t do their homework in their own words. But instead of loose half sheets, it will be organized alphabetically in a binder. Another improvement is going to be the addition of a “date completed” column on this sheet.

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