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❶We visited one of the most important places to U. And that this Nation Under God will continue to succeed and the government of the people, by the people, and for the people will never perish.

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I am another disabled vet with no benefits. If I were to write your essay, it would be difficult to keep it under a page book. Veterans of all wars have been mistreated and that started early in American History. Alexander Hamilton wanted to devalue the certificates, or vouchers, for land that the Revolutionary vets got in lieu of pay and Hamilton wanted to sell them to his rich friends to make them a landed aristocracy.

The certificates were for land when land became available. We went when we were called up. We knew when we went in that there would possibly be wars, but we still went. When I came home from Vietnam, we were treated like garbage, and many of us were ashames to tell anyone that we were veterans because we knew there was a strong possibility of verbal abuse.

Up to the time of the first war in Iraq and the present one, most of those veterans were Vietnam vets, but now the streets are crawling with vets from the more recent wars. If a veterans is disabled because of the wars he was in, he has to go through a drawn out process to receive benefits and medical care. The process is abusive, and in my case, it has taken 15 years without solution. That, by the way, is not that abnormal. I too am a veteran but from the years of the late s when 'no' benefits were voted by Congress for the veterans of that era.

While that is okay with me since there were no wars in that period, most people do not know that veteran benefits are voted by congress and are often different for different time periods. I agree with the others that an essay of to words is very short for this subject. It is very likely that in your community that their are Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion posts and there are many veterans who belong to them who will likely talk to you.

Or, You might find local hospices for ill and dying veterans who have no personal resources to help them through their final times and at least talk with the other veterans who set with them to try and offer some Comfort. Or, You might approach the organization which holds the Veteran Day's Parade and ask them for records of how many of the veterans are dying each year here in my community we list them by name each year.

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A poll taken in found out that there are 21,, American veterans. 5,, of the American veterans are disabled (American Veterans By the Number 1). Only 1,, disabled American veterans are members of the DAV (About Disabled American Veterans 1).

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Veterans encourage me to love my country. They fill me with great respect for them. And finally, veterans inspire me to live a life dedicated to the things I believe to be right. The Amvets organization in Pennsylvania encouraged school students to write essays about American military veterans.

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Her essay was on Rudolph Davila, a U.S. Army officer of Hispanic-Filipino descent awarded the Medal of Honor over 50 years after his heroic actions in Italy during World War II. Every year, in conjunction with its annual conference, the American Veterans Center sponsors an essay contest for high school students. Veterans Day is the day that we set aside to honor those who served, but one day does not cover all the bloodshed. The day is not enough to show the appreciation which is due to the countless number of heroic men and women. The American people should do more to show respect to their veterans.

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· When most Americans think of the Civil Rights american veteran essays Movement, they have Design and branding strategy dissertation in mind a span of time beginning with the Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v. INDIAN MILITARY HEROS ESSAY by Roy Cook (more veteran . This is the mission statement of the DAV, or the Disabled American Veterans. The DAV helps thousands of disabled American veterans in their life after war. A poll taken in found out that there are 21,, American veterans. 5,, of the American .