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667 words essay on Tolerance

Tolerance Essay

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What is Tolerance?

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[3] As identified by Serge Schmemann, a New York Times columnist noted in his piece of Dec. 29, , in The New York Times entitled "The Burden of Tolerance in a World of Division" that tolerance is a burden rather than a blessing in today's society.

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Tolerance is the virtue of a civilized age. It is the virtue that helps us to put up with those, who have different ways and opinions, and outlook on life. It enables us to see always the other side of things, to suffer fools with patience, fanatics without losing out temper.

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Tolerance, in many ways, is the opposite of prejudice. Accept all kinds of behaviors, is this what tolerance means? Of course not. Behaviors that disrespect others, like being mean or bullying, or behaviors like lying or stealing, should not be tolerated. Tolerance means to . - Lessons of Equality, Understanding, and Tolerance in Disney’s Pocahontas Introduction [1] The children’s movie Pocahontas is an attempt by Disney to promote racial .

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Essay on Importance of Tolerance Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On September 23, By Kiran Tolerance is one of man’s sterling virtues; and civilization itself has its indebtedness to it. Tolerance acknowledges the vastness of Reality and cherishes the many human faces of that Reality. When we are tolerant we watch and listen and seek to discover how the many pieces fit together to make a wonderful whole.