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Physics/Trebuchet term paper 11889

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❶The counter weight was able to be hinged and that improved the conversion of gravitational energy to the movement energy of the projectile.

Some specifics about his Trebuchet:

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It then stop short as it slams against a stopper and the object is released. The trebuchet allows a greater amount of energy transfer to the object, or projectile and is more efficient. History of the Trebuchet Among all the siege weapons upon the Middle Age battlefield, the trebuchet was the ultimate weapon. It came into existence in the 12th century in Western Europe.

It was made before the invention of gunpowder and was a technique to hit an enemy at a distance. There were basically three different models- traction machines, counterweighted machines and other hybrid types. The traction machines were operated with the power of as many as men pulling on ropes- the crew of men would pull on the shorter end of the balance arm, while the other side would contain the sling and the projectile. There would be a sling holder to hang from the sling, that excess weight would cause the flexing of the beam.

See picture A While the fixed counterweight machine used the falling of a large mass on one side to fling the object. The pulling ropes of the men could be removed and a trough was built in. This helped increase the range because the sling was longer. The counter weight was able to be hinged and that improved the conversion of gravitational energy to the movement energy of the projectile.

The center of gravity in the weight had fell straight down and the hinge straightened as well. The transfer of energy thus was increased since the weight went about its center of gravity. The hinge also helped decrease the strain on the mechanism, since the hinge kept rotating; the beam was slowly stopped.

This model was also efficient because the device did not need to be reset into position after each shot. It basically was different from the trebuchet in picture C, because the hinged weight was propped at an angle before firing.

That allowed the projectile to have a greater distance to fall and the transfer of energy was once again increased. See picture D However, the hybrid was a combination of the other two models.

The trebuchet also helped bring about several other inventions. This device has advanced our studies and knowledge of materials and concepts of everyday physics. It transformed the design of castles and alternated the early concepts of the pendulum. It also helped Leonardo Da Vinci invent a gadget that was using the trebuchet to keep time. However, the greatest donation it has given is in the field of physics.

It was discovered through Jordanus of Nemore and was used through his studies. His work was about a "vector proportional to the mass and vertical decent.

Many people use the trebuchet to show experimental representations of how potential energy is converted into kinetic energy. Mathematical Model -Trebuchet The trebuchet is used as an experiment for many courses in school. It has good use in physics, engineering along with mathematics.

I may use this design if the others don't work out in my favour. This design isn't really much but it is a really simple design for those who don't want to spend much time on this project. This trebuchet design is too easy for me which I don't really like.

It doesn't have much power and it doesn't have much range. It can easily break and it doesn't function as great as other trebuchets. It's a bad design. I probably won't ever use this design, but it does have a chance.

This design is really portable which means moving it around wouldn't be that hard compared to the other designs.

It is sort of easy to build and it is a good trebuchet overall. It is good at range, power and it has a good cycle time. It looks fun to build but it doesn't look fun to fire. This design has a spot in my "to-build" list, but I would'nt put it there yet.

This design looks boring to build and annoying to work out. This trebuchet is designed for multiple people. You can manage to build it for just one person since it will be a miniature version, but since it is for multiple people, the firing of this trebuchet would be annoying to do. Creating downloadable prezi, be patient. Delete comment or cancel. Hi, Thanks for visiting my website.

My name is Will and if you have questions or would like to contribute projects or ideas you can contact me. Another web visitor An Engineering Student has used my trebuchet making tutorial to make himself a treb and it came out great. He has also made some design improvement which I will point out to you.

And he has done some research on the subject of trebuchets and the engineering of them that will help you a lot if you want to make a more powerful and more effective trebuchet!

Here are a couple of pictures of his treb. Thanks to John H. John has written a presentation on Trebuchets and Transfer of Energy. It has a lot of great information that will be useful to you if you are thinking about making a treb. Not only was the trebuchet more powerful than its predecessors, accuracy was improved as well. A catapult had a fixed power, meaning that the entire machine had to be moved to adjust the range.

The trebuchet's range could be adjusted simply by adding to or subtracting from the mass of the counterweight. The biggest and most powerful trebuchet ever made, Warwolf , stood over 4 stories tall, weighed 30 tons, had a throwing arm 50 ft.

Interestingly, Warwolf had the exact same ratio 40, lbs. My model has a ratio of Miniature trebuchet The Miniature Trebuchet by Timberkits.

The trebuchet was the ultimate artillery weapon of the medieval period and early renaissance.

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A trebuchet is a siege engine that was invented in the Middle Ages either to smash masonry walls or to throw projectiles over them. The word “trebuchet” derives from a Middle French word meaning “overturn”, and its structure comes from an ancient variation of .

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John's Trebuchet Another web visitor (An Engineering Student) has used my trebuchet making tutorial to make himself a treb and it came out great. He has also made some design improvement which I will point out to you.

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The trebuchet is sometimes depicted in medieval books with an arm like that of a catapult (i.e. with a hollow in the end of the arm in which to rest the stone), and without a sling, . A counterweight trebuchet is powered by a very heavy counterweight, acting on a lever arm. The fulcrum of the lever (usually an axle) is supported by a high frame, and the counterweight is suspended from the short arm of the lever.

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The free Physics research paper (Trebuchet essay) presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service. If you need fresh and competent research / writing on Physics, use the professional writing service offered by . -Considered to be the strongest trebuchet out of the three i'm researching-Has decent range-Fast cycle rate-Can be operated with less people-Great at long range firing-Uses gravity to work instead of friction, like the others use This trebuchet is one of the best at its time and is the most used.