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Victorian and Romantic Poetry Essay


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All three authors describe a fall from a primal unity or moment through some kind of trauma. Karol] 3 Romanticism stresses the private individual and his solipsistic I. Isolated imagination as the solution to massive social problems. They are fighting fire with oil.

Shelley cannot sing like the skylark, etc. The essence of Romantic art is failure, and the Romantics themselves know it.

John Milton, Wordsmith and others' model for poetry, is a prime source of such "anxiety. The poets of this time wanted to write about beauty, but the beauty was nowhere to be found Victorian, Swisher Other writers of this time period were the poets and different forms of writing. Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote poems about nature and languished the image of nature as well.

Robert Browning had an optimistic view of Christianity and morality was expressed in his works. People read his works and were moved by them Victorian, Swisher The writing of novelists of this time now lacked confidence and courage and instead relayed the message of tragedy of the time period. In olden times the poems were about problems, romance, and ideas that could be solved or read into Victorian, Swisher Novelists of the time had a clearer direction than the poets had.

They wrote on the topics of society that the poets would hesitate to write on. Their works reflected energy and vitality of the age. This time period witnessed more literary change than any other. However, the novels were untidy and unplanned and lacked beauty. The readers did enjoy the comical, criminal, pathetic, destitute, and wealthy nature of many of the characters. The stories also delved into the class problems and made the arguments between classes comical Victorian, Swisher The Victorian people were going through major change.

New technology made transportation and communication faster and cheaper. Also, the development of railroads and steamboats made shipping goods and materials faster and more efficient so world trade was also increasing at this time Swisher Charles Darwin also introduced a new idea to this Victorian age. He published a book called The Principles of Geology that said layers of rock that were below the earth dated back to October 23, B.

C and this confused many religious Victorians because it questioned whether or not God truly existed Swisher Darwin also explained the law of natural selection that stated the weaker species die out and stronger ones survive. This also brought upon confusion to the Victorians Swisher The responses given back to Darwin for his discovery were that many people simply denied that the information was true and other changed their emphasis on religion to have it all make sense.

Other Victorians chose to go to agnosticism and others were still just confused about what was real and what was religion Swisher The health and medicine of this time were very poor.

Victorians had no knowledge that bacteria were the cause of the diseases they had. They had no cures for the ailments either. They just fed their patients well and kept them comfortable. Finally though, they realized that the cleaner the air, water, and living conditions the patients had; the more they recuperated. A medical discovery was noticed in this period of time Swisher Class values were of much importance at this time. Victorians believed that the poor were improvident because they spent any money they did gain on drinks and gambling.

Sherlock Holmes stories were not initially published in books, they were printed in Serial form in the Strand magazine. The Contempory audience at the time would have been familiar with the characters and the story being told from Doctor Watsons point of view, and the way in which the investigations are carried out. The villain is also expected to be male and clever.

The victim is usually a female and is typical of the generic expectations of a murder mystery. She would be vulnerable and an hairness who had money. The detective would not be part of the law and would conduct his investigation in an appropriate manner. The crime is usually atypical and would usually be a weapon and well planned and executed and crime solved by Holmes, and justice is always done, and the person who commits the crime is always punished.

The clues and the evidence of the story would be to entertain, following clues and the reader predicting the end. The scene and the setting of the crime would be a quiet place, enclosed and dark.

The investigation of the crime would be atypical, it would be how and not who did it and the investigator does the investigation as a hobby. An audience would also expect to find evidence, clues and a motive that leads to an investigation and usually a solution. The investigation and crime would be solved by a detective, with an assistant at his side.

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More Essays: Victorian England. England was involved in many conflicts during the 17th century which ended in Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo in , in which France was defeated. Now England was entering into an era of relative peace, political and social stability which was called the Victorian Period.

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The Spirit of the Age: Victorian Essays [Gertrude Himmelfarb] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. None of the stereotypes of Victorian England―narrow-minded, inhibited, moralistic, complacent―prepares us for the vitality. Essay on Crime was Rampant During the Victorian Age in England Words | 4 Pages The Victorian Age in England was a time when crime was rampant, people were .

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Essay on Victorian Era The Victorian period was filled with many different types of thoughts and ideas. The literature of the period rose ideas never heard before. After watching the movie “Pride and Prejudice”, I can truly understand the life of a woman in the Victorian Era. The Victorian Era in England.