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Research shows less is more.

❶Ask your child about each class and check to make sure any assignments are written down.

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Helping kids develop organizational skills relieves the homework struggle

He also takes pictures of all his worksheets so he can't lose them. AND he takes pictures of his completed work so he can show his teacher if he loses it.

You can print off a phone or you can upload an assignment to Google Drive and share it with the teacher. I cannot wait for him to get home from school today to share our new plan! He was in tears last night, just so overwhelmed. Putting an organization system in place will relieve so much anxiety for him. Love the IPod touch idea; he will too! My son was crying last night because he says it's so hard to try to keep up. My husband doesn't understand how ADHD works. I will try the tools.

He uses inClass as a general organizer. It works by subject and allows you to track assignments, grades, and add lots of other information. If you get the paid version, you can have time and place triggered reminders, as well as dates.

This lets you remind yourself to turn in assignments and bring home books. Timed reminders on either an Android or iPhone will do that too. Clear is a very simple to do list program that is great because it's very simple to use for kids and nicely visual. Both Evernote or OneNote are excellent general organizers. You can use them like you'd use a notebook - to take information from any source - web or photograph or written or typed note - and paste it into an organized format.

Then it becomes searchable great for people like me with too much information. And don't forget that many schools rely on Google Drive and Google Docs. If students do their work there, they cannot lose what they type. And if they upload photos of their written work or their blank worksheets, it is always there and can't be lost. If they have a folder for each class that is shared with a teacher, the teacher can always see what's missing.

It also allows them to print assignments at school from either phone or in a computer lab. Winter break is coming to an end and after struggling and doing many of the things above, my son still struggles to stay on top of assignments.

As mentioned he completes work and it doesn't get turned in. This article was helpful for many reasons I'm a pretty organized person. Use my planner like it is my bible. I do it because I know I won't remember everything that I need to do, that he needs to do, that my husband has going on.

At first I think my son thought that if he used a planner it meant that he was a less than perfect person not sure how else to describe it. I told him that everyone needs to use a planner. That it is crazy to think that you'll remember all sorts of little details. Long story short, he does not embrace the planner his school gives every kid 5th - 8th a planner.

In 5th grade they introduce them so the kids learn to use them so they are ready for middle school. Great idea, but didn't take with my son. He is now heading back after winter break and I told him tonight we need to go through his binder.

I got him some new pocket dividers, he needs to purge old papers and he REALLY doesn't need a full set of markers and colored pencils adding weight to his binder. I love the idea of the apps and taking pictures. It makes me nervous to introduce that idea. I think if he had his tablet at school it would be a distraction for him and not a help. My son is the exception to that rule of "it can't get lost". My son managed to delete all his Google Docs for math and physics too.

It's quite remarkable, isn't it? You can have them shared with you and duplicate, but this is something they do have to figure out for themselves. I am super organized NOW but was equally spacey as a kid. I learned strategies that finally worked for me through repeated failure and frustration. My son is equally organized - in his mind - but is overconfident in his memory as yours is. He also has not yet learned that taking 30 seconds now to put it in its right place is more efficient than spending an hour looking for or redoing it later.

One thing you might look for is completion. What I've noticed my son and many of my less organized students doing is what we call 'model railroad syndrome'. They think about and imagine doing something, so they think it's done and don't actually complete it. For example, they get to the end of a math assignment, and their mind is already moving on to the next thing. So they don't actually quite finish the last problem, double check, and put it away. One thing that has to be emphasized is that the process isn't over until all those steps are doing.

They need to focus on the now, celebrate the ending, THEN move on. I am very weary. My son has the added challenges of ADD and anxiety, as well as being well above the curve during elementary school which led to some Plus, I am admittedly somewhat a control-freak and didn't likely do a good job teaching him self-accountability during those formative years. I am now at the end of my rope. I check his agenda - he may or may not fill it out or get everything in it.

There are too many methods for turning in assignments paper, Google Docs, other tech and for tracking grades and homework assignments.

I can't always know the next day if he's handed things in, because the teacher understandably won't always get everything logged immediately.

I am just weary. I love my kid. He is super bright, super capable, and just a wonderful person. But he isn't living up to his potential. I've asked how I can help, asked how school could help. I've yelled, pleaded, punished, praised where successful , empathized and thrown my hands up - a vicious cycle that does nothing but chip away at my resolve to be dedicated to his progress "I can't go to school FOR you" and at our relationship. Thank you for assuring me I'm not alone, but I still feel like I'm stuck in a leaky dinghy headed for the falls.

Middle school is a time when a lot of smart, but not terribly organized, kids start flailing because they need new skills. The demands are pretty daunting - frankly, harder to juggle than my college students have to juggle - with substantially fewer supports. That's the bad news. The good news is that they have a lot of time to learn those skills before high school where grades count more and college which has real long term consequences.

It's also a time when they like to take control of their lives and few opportunities to do. This may be one. I am also a control freak and it is really tempting for me to try to plow in to my kids lives and try to 'fix' their problems.

It's not going to work. They have to decide to do it themselves, they have to have the skills, they have to decide that using the skills will help, and they have to make the effort to use them. Then, if they're rewarded for it, they are more likely to use those skills again. That's basic social learning model - and it works. They need to internalize those skills. You're not going to be there to do it for them. You can double down and reward him for everything he does right accurate planner, completed work for each class, turned in for each class.

Those systems with stars and rewards really work. So take micromanagement to the nth degree. All the research shows that kids respond much better to rewards than punishment - and poor grades and nasty looks from his teachers are punishment enough. So reward everything he does well. Ignore any failures and let him draw his own conclusions. You can back off and focus on larger goals.

Check his assignments once a week. Talk to him about what worked well the previous week and what he wants to improve on.

Then let it go. I might also suggest that if they have one area that's driving them and you nuts, you focus on that. So for my older son, that was math. He was chronically disorganized. So every Wednesday he met with his math teacher after school and they organized his binder.

And I'd pick him up and we'd clean out his horrendously messy locker. It helped and it wasn't me doing it. Alternatively, you can back off. Sometimes we can so overwhelm our kids with good intentions and help that they give up doing things themselves. They can also feel so overwhelmed by everything they 'should' do that they don't do what they have to. It is also possible that a system that works for you won't work for them. The goal is for the work to get done by some system - it doesn't matter what it is.

So make sure he's get a planner, paper, pencils. Remind him to do his homework after dinner. And that's it - his problem. No matter what, it will not destroy his long term career or his happiness.

Middle school is a great time to flounder because it doesn't matter that much in terms of grades. I have had students who have run into the same problem your son has - getting by on raw smarts and bad habits - until they hit college.

THEN they fall apart. That's a much more expensive problem. Let him work it out - he may surprise you. And if you make it his problem, not yours, you may find your relationship improves and he may step up to the plate and ask for the help he needs. Thank you for your personal, thoughtful, and lengthy response.

I truly appreciate the encouragement, reassurance and suggestions. I'm for sure going to try them! I came across your article, and seriously, this is one of the smartest pieces I have read on this topic. Even your response to a commenter is basically gold to me - been struggling to help our charming, funny, but very disorganized, gifted, borderline ADD 6th grader!

Thank you very much for the practical advice and hope. I've enjoyed reading through all the comments. I have a 15 year old in high school who is succeeding because of google classroom and google docs but my middle schooler 12 does not have the online option at his school. Nor is he allowed to bring in any electronic devices. It's almost the end of the year and he has completed 6th grade without using any folders!

He started out the year with several pocket folders, two binders and some notebooks. One by one they were all tossed in favor of using his backpack as his one giant binder for ALL of his subjects combined I suggested the expanding file trick but he wouldnt budge.

Needless to say his papers are wrinkled and crinkled and often lost or unaccessible. They are just all thrown together. He frequently forgets to turn in assignments as well.

Miraculously he still has good grades but that might not be such a great thing. He refuses to see that there is any room for improvement. He just does not want to improve upon the situation and now gets downright mad when i gently bring the topic up.

I do have to remind him to put his homework in the backpack -- and often he doesnt do that until last minute on a rushed morning despite direct reminders the night before. So the topic comes up frequently! I've approached it from the angle that we all have strengths and weaknesses and are all striving to improve. He's not buying it. Doesn't want to change anything even though he admits that he is stressed, frustrated and wasting time most days because of this problem. It sounds like he has the skills and this has become an autonomy issue for him.

If he doesn't see it as an issue he needs to work on for grades, it is not something he says as a legitimate area for your concern and intervention. If you're interested, I have several blogs on 'legitimacy of parental authority' which go into this in depth.

But basically - he figures you have a right to intervene in the details of his schoolwork if he isn't doing well. He's doing fine, so it's none of your concern. The fact that things are disorganized, messy, and crumpled I hate that - both my kids were crumplers isn't on his radar.

And telling him that it's important for impression management reasons or efficiency won't help right now - he sees that as personal taste. You could make it a fight and just say it has to be done because it does. That's tough because you can control it at home but they still crumple stuff in a mess at school.

You can set a minimum bar and he controls it after that. I've found this pretty effective. For example, all homework goes in one folder and you want all the homework in it before the end of the night as it's complete. If you want a somewhat more elaborate scheme that is simple and works well, homework handouts to be done on the left, completed homework on the right. You can even have a piece of paper on the left you can scribble new assignments on.

Justify it by saying that 1 it will reduce your stress in the morning and and when he's tearing around the house looking for things at night and 2 it will help him keep things straight at school when his teachers ask for stuff. These are pragmatic and reasonable justifications that put it squarely in the conventional and school domains that moms get to be in charge of.

Then ignore everything else about his backpack that isn't molding. That's his issue, his domain. Whenever he starts stamping his feet about not being able to find an assignment or getting dinged for not having homework just remind him that maybe he could use the homework folder strategy.

One of the nice things about this method is that even if he's in a tear, he can shove the homework in that one place - coming home or going out. It just tells him where to look for it. You might try one of those nice 'portfolios' they sell for business people - they're just nice canvas or pseudo-leather folders that are stiff.

Or you could ignore it. When he hits a wall and gets frustrated with his grades, you can ask him to problem solve and help him come up with option B. Personally, I would go for option B and get him to buy in. I wouldn't even mention it until the Fall. I cut a lot of deals like that: Let's settle on one reasonable option we can both live with and you get control of everything else.

Thank you so very much for such an informative and helpful response. I truly appreciate your time and expertise. We have four more days of school. Hopeful to put your advice into action this summer. I do hope he "buys in" one day. This is an amazing well-written article choked full of concrete tips that I really believe are going to help my son stay organized. He just started 6th grade and I have never seen him so unorganized in my life.

I'm going to downsize all his binders into 1 larger one, purchase an accordion file for him, teach him how to"flag" his homework and request textbooks that can stay at home during the school year.

I'm hoping these few tweaks will make life as a new 6th grader easier for him and have him feeling less overwhelmed.

We have tried all of the above recommendations. What finally worked was placing my boys in a private school that uses online books and all assignments are posted and turned in online. It is a very expensive route, but the only one that works for my two sons with ADHD. The academics are much more rigorous, however, that wasn't the problem. We do have some issues with assignments being to long and repetitive and the private school won't allow shortened assignments.

Other than that, the system naturally in place at the private school takes care of organizational issue. Simple advice for former adolescents living on their own for the first time. Back Find a Therapist. Cognitive Dissonance, Willpower, and Your Brain.

The Psychology of Hothouse Earth. Follow me on Twitter. My youngest stomped into the living room last Monday and dumped his pack on the floor. I only have math homework. I asked my friend, too. And we started our new technology class today. I need you to sign two papers. Didn't you have a letter you had to write in class today in Language Arts? Do I need to sign it? She handed out a sheet. Five courses with six different teachers Due dates of one, two, and four days. Different types of tasks, each needing different types of materials to complete them Cognitive Development In Middle School Although kids make major gains in cognitive ability as they enter adolescence , often the demands of school outstrip them.

Adolescents Are Like Lawyers , middle schoolers make five major gains in their ability to think: They can think about possibilities They can think about abstract concepts Their metacognitive abilities improve they can think about thinking They can think multi-dimensionally, playing one idea off of another They can think relativistically, understanding things from different points of views.

The misfit on middle schools to early adolescents' development A positive side of this development is that they are capable of much more abstract, multidimensional thinking. Middle school requires more rote learning. In this way, we ensure that your psychology homework is the finest quality of piece of art that would be appreciated by your professors.

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