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Gingerbread Follow followers 21 badges Send a private message to Gingerbread Clearing and Applications Advisor. Follow 2 Original post by AssaultTrifle I've never really used The Student Room before so I'm not sure if I've placed my question in the right area but oh well. Last edited by Gingerbread; at Follow 3 Original post by Gingerbread In your introduction you'll want to think about what the other causes were and outline them, and perhaps briefly talk about your hypothesis too Then do a paragraph on each of the causes, linking and evaluating them as you go.

In your conclusion you'll then link back to your intro hypothesis, summarise and evaluate all of the factors and answer the question. Is this your A2 personal study coursework? Audrey18 Follow 43 followers 19 badges Send a private message to Audrey Follow 4 Lauren-x- Follow 34 followers 13 badges Send a private message to Lauren-x-.

Follow 5 Do you have to evaluate different historians' opinions, too? If not, I actually have a blog with some exam essays on but it's on a different topic. The main things to put in your introduction: This is pretty important for an intro - be quite straight to the point.

For the first paragraph, support the question. So talk about why religion was the cause. Make sure you stick to the question - I do that by making sure the first and last sentence of each paragraph links back to the question so "I believe that religion was the cause because For the next couple of paragraphs, mention the other causes and if you think they're a bigger cause than religion or not.

Sorry, I don't know anything about the civil war haha! But I hope that helped www. Last edited by Lauren-x-; at Follow 6 Original post by Audrey18 you should have clearly shown TS how to come up with an essay format instead of typing out a reply in the way you did.

Follow 7 Follow 8 Original post by Lauren-x- Do you have to evaluate different historians' opinions, too? Follow 9 Original post by AssaultTrifle It's alright, I just wanted a rough structure. I'll ask my teacher for an in depth one when I get back to school.

I don't think I'll fail on the basis of a person telling me the wrong format 6 months before it's needed to be handed in but oh well. Follow 10 Original post by AssaultTrifle Thanks this was really helpful, it's seems like your standard essay structure then.

Follow 11 Original post by Gingerbread I can add to my original advice given that it's your coursework when I did my one I achieved very close to full marks. My structure was this: Mine was on Cromwell's Irish campaign so they were whether there were many civilian deaths in Drogheda; whether these were intentional; whether Cromwell was to blame for deaths at Wexford; whether the actions can be considered brutal in the context of the time; whether Cromwell's motives affected his methods.

In each of these I went back and forwards between the arguments and counter arguments, backing up my points with historians and analysing the validity of the historian viewpoints, as well as linking back to the original question - Conclusion: Follow 12 I have a few books as of right now and I've yet to see some of the facts that you wrote about in any of the books. Follow 13 Original post by Audrey18 so you see, if not for my interjection you would not have gotten a clearer more helpful answer to your question.

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