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❶Some points from the case are already striking:

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In addition to this most of foreign private projects are capital incentive while Domestic private projects have higher share in employment opportunity creation.

Most of the developing regions exhibited small number of private projects as compare to other regions. The study set out to analyses the major factorsthat effectsof private investment in Ethiopia Variables identified for the study include private investment, inflation rate, broad money supply, GDP per capita, interest rate, exchange rate, economic openness, public investment, and external debt.

To enhance the analysis,Econometrics model withOLSusing multiple regressionswas applied after the data sets were transformed to log form except investment lag. And, to account for inherent problems of time series data, different tests such as correlation and autocorrelation tests, stationary test, integration and co-integration tests applied.

The regression results show that GDP per-capital, and external debt have significant positive long run effect on private investment, while broad money supply, public investment, interest rate and exchange rate have significant negative long run effect. Finally expansion of public investment in most developing regions, increasing income generation mechanism for citizens and creating fertile investment climate are some of the recommendation forwarded.

Private investment, performance and Ethiopia. Decision-making in project portfolio management: The majority of project mortfolio management tools are not flexibly responsive to complex and dynamic environments.

This can results in business failures when management do not effectively direct adjust project portfolios to meet This can results in business failures when management do not effectively direct adjust project portfolios to meet organisational and contextual needs. Insufficient attention has been given to the impact of individual decision making, perceptions of decision processes, and the influence of uncertainty on effective decision making in project portfolio management.

This research explores the impact of real-time events on managers during decision making processes for project portfolio management, using a purpose built simuation. The simulation devleopment was informed by the Cynefin framework. The Cynefin framework emphasise the importance of applying different leadership styles and decision making approaches dependant of the complexity of the situation. Director de escuela en el siglo XXI.

However, due to a number of negative factors such as political instabilities that shook the country, corruption, However, due to a number of negative factors such as political instabilities that shook the country, corruption, under-utilisation of minerals among others, the industry has shrunk to a meagre 0. As a result, the government of Uganda in conjunction with various stakeholders has reviewed the mining policies in Uganda so as to attract more investors to exploit the various minerals in the country.

This paper briefly details the current state of Uganda's mining laws and policies. Problems of Management in the 21st Century. We invite submission of papers describing innovative research on all aspects of management and related areas. Submitted papers will be assessed based on their novelty, technical quality, potential impact, and clarity of writing.

The call is open till 15 November You can download it from our website: Theoretical papers usually follow an argumentative pattern and are organised around the solution of a problem. The Journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence. Submitted papers will be assessed based on their novelty, scientific and technical quality, potential impact, and clarity of writing.

All submissions will be checked by iThenticate before sending to reviewers. PMC is a semiannually, open access, scientific journal. It is published in June and December. Sincerely yours, Editorial Board. Proper conduct of teachers is vital in the promotion of quality education.

However, it was noted that there was an increase in the cases of teacher misconduct in some secondary schools in Dowa District. Therefore, it was imperative to Therefore, it was imperative to explore the possible causes and effects of teacher misconduct in the selected public secondary schools in Dowa District in Malawi.

The study employed both qualitative and quantitative research approaches guided by the Social Learning and Transformational Leadership theories.

The study used semi-structured interviews, questionnaires and document analysis. It involved ten head teachers and sixty seven teachers from the ten randomly selected public secondary schools. The study established that factors related to low job satisfaction, negligence, lack of support as evidenced by irregular school inspection and lack of cooperation among teachers contributed to some of the cases of teacher misconduct.

Further, teacher misconduct had an effect on the teaching and learning process. This may be as simple as completing a paper for class or as complex as designing, developing, and testing a new destroyer for the Navy. No project is accomplished in a vacuum, however.

Each task must be accomplished under the three constraints of time e. Project management is a process that helps the project team accomplish its goals within the three constraints of time, cost, and scope. Using the principles and tools of project management, one can plan, organize, and manage the tasks to be done within the given constraints in order to accomplish the goal of the project. Unfortunately, not every project is run using sound project management principles.

Instead, many companies manage projects by doing the organizational equivalent of putting out brush fires, paying attention to whichever problem is most pressing at the time, while letting other problems grow only to be dealt with later at the expense of other project tasks. In a well-run project, on the other hand, the project manager -- the project authority for planning, coordinating, and managing the project -- needs to be proactive rather than reactive, keeping a constant eye on all aspects of the project so that no one area is allowed to develop problems that could sabotage the overall project, and accomplishing the project goals.

Project management is essentially the art of project control, with the continuing goal of keeping the project on time and within budget. This is often the interactive process of keeping the project within technical scope i. To do these things, project management activities focus on three things: If a project is managed well, its goals can be accomplished on-time and within budget, not only giving the organization a profit in the short-term, but enhancing its reputation for good work at a reasonable cost; thereby enhancing its ability to continue to make a profit in the future.

There are a number of tools available to help project managers manage their projects efficiently and effectively. Several project management software packages are available that help project managers crunch the required numbers associated with risk management and other project management activities. However, project management is not a task that can be completely automated; human experience and judgments are necessary. To successfully manage a project, one must first understand the scope of the project what needs to be done, what the end result should be and the limits placed on these elements by the schedule and budget.

In many cases, technical specifications will have been provided by the customer. For the example of the research paper, this may be simple: The paper needs to be 4,, words long, follow a specific broad outline, be on a given topic, and use at least three professional references cited in APA format. For the example of the destroyer, however, the task is more complicated. Although the customer undoubtedly will provide technical specifications for what they want the new ship to be able to do, such specifications are long and complex, and need to be distilled and synthesized so that they can be tracked for project management purposes.

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Design/methodology/approach – This paper explores 45 years of project management research, drawing on a database of , records from to Three corpora were constructed, representing .

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Project management is the process of planning, monitoring, and controlling a unique set of tasks that have a discrete beginning, end, and outcome. The project management process is performed within the three constraints of time, costs, and scope. Recently published articles from International Journal of Project Management.