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Creative thinking, active reading and effective writing essay

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❶Active reading and effective writing are the matter of persistence and constant repetition. In order to do this a new mode of thinking about God and everything else that is connected to him is called for in all Christians.

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Critical and Creative Thinking Essay Sample
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With the general election coming soon- in March parliamentarians who are interested in the presidency seat have already come together to form large coalitions which intend to bring different communities together by the goals they desire to reach. Uhuru Kenyatta has been seen around mobilizing Women and Youths in His campaigns as these groupings hold the majority of votes.

They have done this, keeping in mind that their goal is to hold the highest seat in general elections. Since change is inevitable in the society, the ideas leading to this change has to be managed carefully and reasonably, otherwise we could end up with half-baked ideas which could be disastrous in the society.

With these changes our parliamentarians have change their political positions and understanding from foreign influence, into critically appraising the national understanding of their own people. MPs are joining social networks with a good example being Hon. Martha Karua, who has used both Twitter and Facebook to educate Kenyans on her presidency bid, she also uses it as a feedback tool where Kenyans can freely interact with her by expressing their opinions using the social media. Parliamentarians have overtime been forcing dogmas on people but it has emerged that people are becoming thinkers and hence giving the society directions in terms of ideas.

More youths have gone through the education system and are coming back to educate their societies, thus parliamentarians have started indulging youths in their day to day activities as they have become the back bone of the society. Raila is seen as a politician who is popular among the youths and also carries with himself a reform tag. This is a might be a massive boast for his presidential campaign because the voters in Kenya are no longer in the dark old days of KANU.

They are enlightened on their rights, what their country needs and which kind of leader can create a better Kenya for them. In the recent past, members of parliament have increased their pays tremendously without being taxed. Thus they are not showing a good example to Kenyans, whose salaries are heavily taxed each month. A few members like Hon. In regard to personal identity, most of our parliamentarians are in the second stage on individual development, in that they inherit mass conscience and rationality from the social environment, thus becoming authoritarian and paternal in their ways of life.

A critical and creative person becomes an agent of change with unique identity. They are of the opinion that, the necessary steps must be taken by the concerned to foster creativity among them. It is found that development of creativity involves genetic as well as environmental factors. Though we cannot alter genetic factors, we can alter behaviour through manipulation of the environment in which the individual lives.

It is found that the culture, family atmosphere and education play significant roles in the development of creative talent. It is also observed that by proper training creative thinking can be improved.

Recognition of the creativeness of the child by the family members and teachers and encouraging the child to develop creative thinking yields good results as found by studies. Gold has suggested the following guidelines for school personnel to foster creativity among pupils. However the majority of people understand creativity as the ability to see things in a new and unusual way and find new unique solutions for different problems.

Creative thinking is a complete opposition to the stereotyped thinking, which is characterized by the insufficiency of choices while searching possible solutions and by the tendency to approach different problems the same way without any innovations.

Creativity converts the process of thinking into a fascinating process and helps to find new ways out of old problems.

Nevertheless, creative thinking should not by any means be connected to the intellect of a person1. Creative thinking is usually represented by creative insights. Creative thinking is also associated with active reading. Active reading is several steps higher than ordinary reading. This is primarily due to the fact that active reading converts an ordinary reader into an active thinking learner and prevents a person from automatically going through pages without understanding anything.

Active reading required active thinking and active thinking is a premise of creative thinking. Active reading requires constant training through learning the contents of the books. What it does it forms a strong base for the coordinated work of the processes of analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Reading and writing have always been strongly linked to each other.

So, as the active reading appeared in order to make the best out of the process of reading — effective writing appeared to make the best out of the process of writing.

Effective writing is a combination of writing skills used in order to achieve certain goals. Effective writing includes different kinds of papers such as all types of proposals, reports, letters, emails, memos and many others.

Effective writing works for the development of an ability to be convincing even in written form. Owing to effective writing a person is able to find a personal style of writing which will the most acceptable and productive for him.

Being successful in effective writing means to know the appropriate tone for each existing kind of communications and eliminated everything unnecessary from the writing products. Effective writing may be also viewed as the result or a consequence of active reading as active reading renews the vocabulary and teaches appropriate tones of communications. Therefore, both, active reading and effective writing are phenomena that develop creative thinking.

Benefits of each skill. It goes without saying that creative thinking helps to find extraordinary solutions of ordinary problems. One of the major benefits of creative thinking is that is completely contradicts the standard critical thinking.

As new creative ideas always seem weird to the people around a person with creative thinking will be more socially independent and will have a higher self-esteem. Creative thinking is also the key to release from numerous existing solutions-stereotypes and cultural traditions, creating something completely qualitatively new.

Therefore, a person psychologically becomes more confident. Creative thinking constantly brainstorms the mind, which generates new ideas. Among the most important qualities of creative thinking Robert Harris outline major ones: Creative thinking also goes through certain analytical stages, which altogether produce the desired final unique solution2.

Active reading and its tips such as underlining and highlighting, noting key words, noting down questions to the text and making final summaries, converts the process of simple reading into the process of learning which is the synonym of active reading. Active reading trains the memory and the ability to create strong intellectual connections between the information that is being perceived.

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Creative thinking essaysTeaching Thinking Dispositions: From Transmission to Enculturation Shari Tishman, Eileen Jay, and D. N. Perkins This paper was written as part of a project funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. The authors thank the foundation for its help, acknowledgi.

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Critical and Creative Thinking Essay Sample. There are different types of ways to think. There are things we do every day without much thinking, such as blinking, waking up, walking and so on.

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