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Essay on Why Cannabis Should be Legalized

Failure: prohibition doesn't help.

❶In the entire history of mankind, marijuana has never been recorded as a cause of death. Also, it would stop kids from getting into the drug dealing business.

Marijuana, Should It Be Legalized? Speech

All good things come to an end.
Stereotypes about Cannabis Consumption Off Base, Again
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Not very often are people uncontrollable or in a state of danger when using this drug. Marijuana is a drug that easily builds tolerance and allows people to handle the symptoms better. Many Americans will tell you that the symptoms are much more positive than negative Alternet. That is because marijuana is not linked to death in any way. Also, it is shown to have no link to cancer or any other harmful diseases there are out there. Many people would think it would be linked to cancer especially of the throat but that is not the case huffing.

However, the government has such a big concern on alcohol use and spends most its time worrying about that. The policy is clearly not right and much be changed. The use of marijuana has always been questioned but now is the time our country is at a time where the usage of the drug is at a peak and the issue needs to be addressed. It is no longer acceptable to not consider legalization because states within the country have already taken matters into their own hands by making it legal, Colorado and Washington were the first to do so this past election season.

All in all, marijuana should be legalized and the policy should be changed immediately. There is too much good to come from this policy changed not to do it. There are many people that agree with a policy change and the government needs to do the same. Marijuana can clearly help make this country better for the people in many ways. Health is obviously a major concern for the government and that is why they might hesitate to legalize it.

But, as studies show there are few health risks and even some positive health factors that weed could contribute. Also, how much legal marijuana can help our government funding and justice system is another reason the policy needs to be changed now. Keeping kids off the streets and drug dealers from selling to kids is also more proof of how poorly the current policy is running. Legal marijuana could help hard drugs from spreading to the wrong people.

Also, it will keep the amount of drug dealers down and the amount of legal shops up. All in all marijuana would do much more positive than it would negative if it were to be legalized. The policy that is preventing the legalization of marijuana must be changed at once.

The third point of this marijuana essay that supports the idea is addiction itself. With addiction being one of the biggest cons introduced by the opponents of the idea, this is actually an interesting twist. Marijuana dependence is existing, but is a real breeze when compared to prescription pills, alcohol overuse, caffeine and even sugar. This third point does not mean that marijuana is completely safe for use, which is why any proper marijuana legalization should be carefully crafted to limit people in marijuana consumption.

However, why would people be allowed to smoke a cigarette after a meal and not be allowed to use marijuana for pleasure, since it is actually tobacco that makes more people addicted? And not only this. Marijuana is actually forbidden for use as an illegal, unhealthy drug, when people die every day from alcohol abuse, prescribed medications and overdose from other illegal drugs. Considering that the laws against marijuana did not make any specific change, it is safe to say that legalization will not increase the use of this drug greatly.

The only thing it will do is reduce the cost for prosecution of people who already use the marijuana and create a whole new industry where this drug could be better controlled.

The nation seems to be coming to its senses and many countries start to make marijuana legal. Considering all these factors, this is something every country must consider. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Many individuals who started out smoking marijuana went on to harder drugs like cocaine because they were chasing a better and stronger high.

On another note, marijuana has been medically proven to help individuals deal with the side effects of having certain diseases like glaucoma or cancer. Marijuana has some major medical uses that can beneficial to society. But, whether to legalize marijuana usage or not, will continue to be a heated debate for years to come.

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Liberty: people deserve freedom to use marijuana.

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[tags: Marijuana Should Be Legal] Better Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. Medical Use of Marijuana - Since the legalization of marijuana for medical use, eight out of ten states caused a decreased in teenage cannabis use. Currently in the nation there are several states that allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

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Jun 09,  · As a former marijuana consumer and current administrator for a marijuana activism website, I strongly believe that marijuana should be legalized for all uses. Using marijuana for medicinal purposes is not a recent daramad.cfs: 2.

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The second important reason that marijuana should be legal is that it would save our government lots of money. In the United States, all levels of government (federal, state, and local authorities) participate in the "War on Drugs.". Oct 24,  · Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent, recently wrote in his essay, This Is Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Everywhere. Top 50 Most Influential Marijuana Users.

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Marijuana is the most illicit drug used in the United States and it is less harmful than most legal drugs out there, therefore it should be legalized. Marijuana has been used as a mediator for attaining ecstasy since ancient times. Essay: Should marijuana be legal? I believe that one of the main reasons marijuana should be legal is because of the way it was criminalized in the first place. In the years before the depression there was a significant growth of Mexican-Americans in the Western part of the United States as a result of the revolution in Mexico in