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What were Tudor Houses made from?

❶Sketch Palettes Lets you easily save and import palettes for both global and document colors, including photoshop palettes. The wooden timbers were often coated with black tar to help protect them from rotting.

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Who were the Tudors?

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From one trip he brought back potatoes and tobacco to Europe, two things that were not known of at that time. Sir Francis Drake was a famous explorer. He was the first Englishman to sail around the world. His first expedition was to Africa where they captured people there and sold them to be slaves in the New World The Americas. In Sir Francis Drake set sail around the world, stealing from Spanish ships as he went and attacking Spanish ports.

He brought back lots of treasure for the Queen who became very proud of him and knighted him, Sir Francis Drake. They planned to sail to the Netherlands to join with an army, but while sailing through the English Channel, they were attacked by English warships.

Fierce sea battles took place and during one night, while the Spanish ships were anchored near France, the English sent eight ships that had been set on fire, into the middle of the Spanish ships. The Spanish panicked and scattered all over the place. Having been blown north around Scotland and Ireland, most of the Spanish ships were wrecked in terrible storms. Tudor Exploration Explore the high seas with the Tudors. From the National Maritime Museum.

Find out who the Tudors were and their way of life, from the Armada to Tudor Entertainment. History on the net — The Tudors This website covers a huge amount of information on the Tudors.

Are you good enough to fight the King? Tudor Britain Find out about the Tudors. See real documents and objects from Tudor times. Test your skills with our games. It began as a country house, built in the 13th century. From to it was the seat of the Boleyn family. The houses they used to live in, their way of life and more. Build a Tudor House See how Tudor houses were built with box-like structures of wood.

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Primary Homework Help House and Homes. by Mandy Barrow: Celtic. Roman. Saxon. Viking. Tudor. Georgian. Victorian. Today. Tudor Houses - Architecture ( - ) The Tudor period is the time when the Tudor family came to the throne. Henry VIII is the most famous tudor king. You can see many Tudor houses in England today. Some of them.

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Wattle is the intertwined sticks that are placed in a wall between posts. You can see the woven sticks in the photographs below. Daub is a mixture of clay, sand and dung that is smeared (daubed) into and over the wattle to make the wall. The daub was often painted with limewash making it look white.

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What did the Tudors do for Britain? During years of Tudor rule, England became richer than ever before. As the country became wealthier, towns grew, beautiful houses were built and schools and colleges were set up. Primary Homework Help Tudor Houses -

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Aug 29,  · Homework help for parents primary - tudor house homework help How am i writing an essay on a political cartoon when i know nothing politics-related thats going on go ask alice summary essay on once more to the lake. Discover more Tudor facts by visiting the Primary Facts Tudor resources page. The Tudors. 52 Responses to Tudor Houses and Homes: Facts and Information. seeralan says: November 1, at pm very good facts the teacher is very happy. this page is great really help with my homework tech is happy now. Reply. Olivia says: November